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Angel Haze is renowned for her critically-acclaimed EP


circulated in July 2012. She additionally was given much attention in Oct 2013 when she came out along with her own freestyle presentation of Macklemore’s “exact same really love” within the woman #30GOLD task.

Today the rap artist is getting attention for her brand-new union with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger’s girl, Ireland Baldwin.

Because of the rumors circulating around, Haze ultimately opened up regarding their romantic relationship. In an interview with

The Private

, she discusses the media does not accept the fact Ireland is actually the woman girl:

“I don’t know if there is like some confirm or deny thing using way interactions operate in the news, but every person just calls you close friends, close friends for a lifetime, like we are only pals chilling out,” she told The free. “It’s funny. It is rad in certain ways, it sucks in others.”

She also spoken of just how she seems The united states isn’t really rather ready for a high-profiles of lesbian pair:

“An interracial homosexual couple, What i’m saying is that’s merely strange for The united states today. We f**k and friends don’t f**k. We have never f**ked certainly one of my pals. When I view you by doing so, it does not happen. But we do f**k and it is insane and that’s odd to express because In my opinion about this with respect to a gathering checking out it and all of them considering, ‘Just what hell?’ Nevertheless takes place.”

Lots of people are after their relationship on social networking. However, some news retailers persisted to refer towards the pair as “BFF’s” or “Friends forever.” The couple features found wit within the mass media convinced that they certainly were merely “good friends,” but Haze has formally dispelled that myth.


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